Fatal Winds

Young physicist, Reese Mayfield, applies his genius to developing the first atomic bomb. The atom speaks and warns scientists of its power. Driven by the need to end the second world war, at 5:29.21 a.m. on July 16, 1945, “The Gadget,” explodes and changes the world and Reese forever.

Although the bomb ends WWII bloodshed, Reese questions its other effects and pursues a medical degree to study the impacts of radioactive fallout on people. What he learns deeply disturbs him. In a flagrant abuse of power and cover-ups, the government denies culpability when cancer clusters occur, children being the most vulnerable. The Cold War has shifted the nation’s priorities—America must lead the world in nuclear weapons.

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Into the West

Venture Into the West with New Mexico writers. This collection of short stories and novelettes will thrill you with accounts of the old west and enthrall you with episodes from today’s west. As you explore this wide-ranging group of tales you will encounter mystery, adventure, romance, humor, horror, and magical realism. Enjoy your journey.

“Into the West offers a well-crafted mix of stories told by an impressive group of talented authors. Because tales range from tender to tough—with a wide variety in between—there is something to delight every reader.” —Margaret Tessler, Author of Sharon Salazar Mysteries

“Whether immersed in the stark reality of the untamed west of the past, or accepting the unexpected humor in the present, readers will find the writing original and gripping.” —Tekla Dennison Miller, Author of The Warden Wore Pink and Mother Rabbit: The Story of a Playboy Bunny Mother

“There is never a dull moment on any page of this little collection.” —Don Bullis, New Mexico Centennial Author

“This is a great collection of short stories. Some will be as comfortable as an old pair of jeans—others will take you well out of your comfort zone. You’ll enjoy each one of them. You can bet your Stetson on that.” —James J. Griffin, Author of Texas Ranger Novels

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Pele’s Realm

A crime that bears the signature of a murder with a message puts newlyweds Maggie and John Kovak in jeopardy. They become targets for violence when the Hawaiian Mafia learns that Maggie was a close friend to the victim and may know too much. Pele’s Realm is a story that resonates with the heartbeat of the Big Island of Hawaii as John and Maggie discover each other and explore the realm of Madam Pele, the Fire Goddess of the volcano.

Evading Mafia thugs, John and Maggie take you along as they tramp over lava flows, peer down into a live volcano and make love under a secluded waterfall. Based on an actual murder that took place in the early 1970s during a time when Mauna Ulu erupted continually for five years, this book will keep you turning pages. Become immersed in the magic of Hawaii in a story of adventure and romance that gives a peek into the sinister side of Paradise.

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